The creative minds behind Theater Monster put their heads together to develop an inspired and unique home theater for the residents of this particular home. They wanted to design a rustic theater that their client would be proud to show to guests, so it was a must to think outside the box. After conducting extensive research, Eldorado Stone was selected to meet their design needs and Autumn Leaf RoughCut was applied to the main walls. Additionally, they incorporated further visual appeal by constructing a modern, rolling tongue and groove ceiling to resemble a sound wave.

The Design and Marketing team over at El Dorado Stone liked our Rustic Home Theater project so much that they decided to feature us in their designer portfolio on their website.

Surprisingly, the use of architectural stone veneer in this space didn’t interfere with the quality of sound throughout the home theater. The rough edges of the stone helped to break up the sound waves emitted from the sound system and resulted in an even emission of sound in this space. Smooth walls typically cause refraction of sound unless heavily insulated, so the stone did double-duty by not only looking aesthetically appealing but also acting as natural insulation.

Considering this was the first time the professionals at Theater Monster veered from more standard materials and utilized stone in a theater, they couldn’t have been happier with the end result

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