Just recently Finished a new Home Theater Project with Complete Installation of Auido/Video Components.


Pre Wire


This home theater Project was located in The Temecula Wineries in Temecula, Ca. We started with 2 bedrooms which shared a common wall, we the Demolished the Common wall to make way for new Home Theater. Now that we had one large space to work with, we started Designing the Layout of the new space. It was to include a 120″ Stewart Film Screen, JVC Projector, 6 Reclining Theater Seats, (2) Tower Speakers, (1) LCR Bookshelf Speaker and (4) Episode ES-700-IW-6In-wall Speakers. Once we had our System Designed We procedded to Wire the new space for our components, as well as Lighting , and Electrical Outlets.




This project involved a minimal amount of Construction as far as Home Theaters go. Basically it needed one wall demolished, one of the existing closets got framed out to make room for a mini kitchen and the Head end for our components, The other major item was the elevated Deck in the rear of the room for our Second row of Theater Seating. After We had everything framed, we then drywalled, textured, then painted and our Theater Was one the home stretch. All that was needed now was to finish installing the A/V Components.


Installing Components, Trim, and Finish Work


We Finished up the Home Theater by first installing all of our speakers and lighting in the walls and ceilings. After All the components we completely installed, we called for carpet installation. Once the carpet was installed, we placed our Tower Speakers, Subwoofers and Theater Seats in the room, Connected The Pioneer SC-05 AV Receiver, LG Blu-Ray Player and Verizon Fios Cable Box. We added a NEVO SL70 Remote Control with Nevo Connect for Simple Control over the entire System.






    • (2) Polk Audio TSi300 Floor Standing Speakers


    • (1) Polk Audio CSi A6 Center Channel Speaker



    • LG BD670 Blu-Ray Player


    • Verizon Fios Cable Box


    • JVC DLA-HD550 Projector



    • (2) Episode ES-SUB-10-200-BLK 10″ Subwoofers


    • Nevo SL70 Remote Control


    • Nevo Connect


  • 120″ Stewart Film Sreeen