How to Create the Ideal Home Audio Speaker System

Here’s a great way to set up the perfect home audio speaker system for your home theater.


  1. Buy a 5.1, 6.1, or 7.1 surround sound speaker system. The .1 refers to the use of a subwoofer and the 5, 6, or 7 refer to the number of speakers. The more speakers, the greater level of sound detail. I prefer Episode or RBH Speakers
  2. Set up the system with 3 speakers in front around the TV and 2, 3, or 4 speakers behind the seating area depending on what type of surround sound system you have.
  3. Arrange the 3 front speakers like so:
    • Place the middle speaker under the TV on a stand or rack and angle it slightly upward, directing it towards the place where you will be sitting. If you must place the speaker on or above the TV, angle it downwards and raise the side speakers for a more even sound.
    • Angle the side speakers in a slight arc around the place you will be sitting so that all 3 speakers are the same distance away. Preferably, the speakers should be aimed at your head for a better sound and stuck in the ground to reduce vibration and improve bass.
    • If your speakers are to be mounted, place them in a straight line below the screen and mount them correctly.
  4. Arrange the back speakers like so:
    • For a 5.1 home audio system, place the back 2 speakers in the back of the room near the sides.
    • For a 6.1 home audio system, place the 3rd speaker in the middle of the room on the back wall.
    • For a 7.1 home audio system, place 2 speakers in the back on the side walls and 2 spread across the back wall.
  5. lace the subwoofer on either side of the front center speaker for a smooth sound. If you have large speakers and large subwoofer, try placing the subwoofer in the place that you will be sitting and walk around the room, listening for the best bass. When you find that spot, place the subwoofer there
  6. Make sure that everything is properly plugged in and installed and enjoy your new home theater audio system.


  • While placing your subwoofer in a corner may make the bass louder, it will also make it less even
  • If you are in a small room, 7.1 will probably not benefit you much
  • Ideally you want your 2 rear speakers off to the side and back a little. If your seating area is against the wall, place them on either side of you.
  • Most current surround sound receivers come with a microphone and a built in callibration system. Most of those do a pretty good job of adjusting the sound for your room conditions and speaker placement.