Custom Outdoor A/V system-Beverly Hills, Ca

This custom outdoor project was designed and built by King Stud Contracting out of Murrieta, Ca. Located in Beverly Hills, Ca a suburb of Los Angeles atop the estates In the Summit at Beverly Hills lies this beautiful masterpiece of outdoor creation. Theater Monster involvement with this project started from day one. We were responsible [...]

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Home Theater In Murrieta, CA

When our clients in asked us to build them a custom home theater in the loft of their home in Murrieta we jumped at the opportunity. We started by measuring the designated space and from there we designed a complete layout using 3d CAD in google sketchup. On the list of client's must-haves were; enough [...]

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Home Theater In Temecula, CA

About this project Black-Out home theater Location: Murrieta, California This room started as a vacant space, we built a custom seating deck in the back of the room for the (5) theater seats to rest on. We then put a 12" subwoofer under the deck to provide bass for the home theater. this system [...]

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Rustic Home Theater in Fresno, Ca

Built from the ground up, we started the project with intentions of building a rustic home theater. With nothing to go off of but an empty room and a pad of paper, we started to design. Theater Monster provided a complete set of drawings that met the exact needs of the client. Once approved we [...]

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Theater Monster Featured On

The creative minds behind Theater Monster put their heads together to develop an inspired and unique home theater for the residents of this particular home. They wanted to design a rustic theater that their client would be proud to show to guests, so it was a must to think outside the box. After conducting extensive [...]

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