Are 4K TVs Really Worth It?

This is a question I am being asked more and more lately so I thought I’d share my thoughts on the subject. In short, the answer is No 4K TVs are not worth getting at the moment. To dive deeper into the subject you first have to recognize where 4K content(and all other programming for that matter)comes from. Typically most people subscribe to a cable or satellite service like Directv, Dish Network, Verizon Fios, Etc. None of these companies currently offer ANY programming packages that include 4K content. If you are like most people who mainly watch prime time TV for a few hours a night you will be very unhappy when you realize that your shinny new 4K TV doesn’t produce as great of a picture as you’d see in the store. The reason for this is because the technology is too new and the cable companies aren’t yet broadcasting anything in 4k yet. We are probably gonna need to wait another 2-3 years before these companies upgrade their systems again to fully support 4k. Once that happens you’ll be able to watch all your programs in 4k and then it most definetly will be worth it. But “worth” is all relative. If it was free, would it be worth it? Of course, if it’s $35,000 is it still worth it? No? Why not? It is still the same product we are talking about, it’s all about what you can justify spending on it. At this moment I personally can’t justify spending $3,000.00 on a 4k TV because the only thing currently available to watch is in 1080p and I’ve already got that. My current Samsung TV is literally watching the most high-def programming available RIGHT NOW, and until ULTRA HIGH DEF goes main stream I’ll be keeping what I have. There are 4k blu-rays and 4k blu-ray players tho…Truth be told, I don’t really care to watch one out of a hundred movies in 4k on blu-ray, and I especially don’t want to watch one out a hundred movies in 4k when it’s gonna cost me $3,000 for the TV, $249 for the bluray player, and $60 for a UHD BluRay. No thanks I’ll spend $18 at the IMAX and see it in 4k. Apple TV doesn’t stream 4k, Netflix barely streams 1080p, Roku isn’t offering anything better than Apple TV, And all other streaming services are right in line… All of them streaming 1080p content and not 4k. 4k means larger file sizes which means that bandwith will have to be increased and wifi technology will have to once again make another jump from 802.11ac to whatever is next. All of this is because streaming larger “ultra high definition” movies will require a wireless network that will support the extremely fast transfer speeds. Long story short….. I say give it about two years. Prices will surely come down drastically, technology will catch up, and when it becomes more mainstream it will make it worth having.

4k TV Resolution Defined.